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In August of 1996 GLH Construction started out with only six employees, and since then we’ve grown to a company of 65 employees servicing all of Northern Colorado. Rooted in Windsor, CO, our clients from across the state look to us as their premier Infrastructure General Contractor.

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We never stop working, so take a look at our current and past projects and see how GLH Construction can serve your commercial, private sector, or residential project.

Timnath Landing

Liberty Draw Subdivision

Hansen Subdivision

Phases 3-8 of the subdivision in Timnath, Colorado, encompassed a comprehensive approach to constructing all necessary wet utilities while incorporating enhancements such as a private irrigation facility. Approximately 5,000 feet of the Aiken Ditch were enclosed in piping. The project involved the construction of three lakes that were connected by roughly 300 feet of two 9′ x 9′ double box culvert structures. On the east side of the development, a 55-foot-deep water augmentation pond was constructed. These infrastructure additions were essential in supporting the broader development, which included a mix of single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties built-out by Lennar, Century, and Toll Brothers.

The development located in Evans, Colorado, encompasses 208 acres and was designed to include both single-family and multi-family homes. This large-scale project is projected to be completed in 2028. GLH began construction and completed construction of Phase 1 in 2023, followed by Phase 2 in 2024. Phase 1 of the project included 80 single-family lots and lots for 42 multi-family units. Phase 2, completed in 2024, added an additional 26 single-family lots and 74 multi-family units to the development. In March 2024, work began on the next phase of the development, focusing on earthwork, offsite sewer installation, and the construction of dry utility conduits. Following the groundwork, the next tasks include asphalt street construction, the installation of curb, gutter, and sidewalk, as well as street signage and pavement markings. 

GLH’s successful completion of a 178-lot single-family subdivision in Fort Collins in 2021 demonstrated its capability and excellence in construction and development. This high standard of performance led DR Horton to invite GLH to negotiate pricing on an additional project, consisting of 46 duplex lots, which were completed in 2022. The scope of work for the additional project included various infrastructure installations such as sewer, water, storm sewer, and piping of an irrigation ditch, including the construction of diversion structures. The construction process also involved treating the subgrade with fly ash for stability. Following the stabilization process, the road base and asphalt pavement were laid down. The installation of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks over a span of two miles not only provided necessary infrastructure but also contributed to the overall aesthetic and safety of the community.

Prairie Song Subdivision

Hidden Valley 6th

Hope Springs Subdivision

The project on the north side of Windsor, Colorado is an extensive development that began with the installation of a 7,000-foot offsite 30-inch sewer line. The line was placed 25-30 feet deep and required crossing Colorado State Highway 257 using an open-cut trench method. This challenging task of crossing the highway was addressed and included a triple run of 36-inch reinforced concrete pipe. Remarkably, the highway crossing and associated paving were completed in just two weeks using a shoo-fly traffic diversion. The project encompassed the installation of a range of common wet utilities, including 7,000 feet of underdrain piping with diameters ranging from 8 inches to 36 inches. Multiple bores were performed to route the utilities beneath three existing Greeley water lines, ensuring that the new infrastructure could coexist with the existing water supply systems without interruption. In addition to the extensive utility work, the project included road construction and the installation of approximately 25,000 feet of curb and gutter. Furthermore, the project provided 37,000 feet of sidewalk and trails. 

The completion of the 6th phase of the Hidden Valley subdivision in Severance, Colorado in the spring of 2022 marks a significant milestone for the entire development project, which began in 2015. This phase added key infrastructure, including 11,000 feet each of water and sewer lines, as well as 22,000 feet of curb, gutter, and sidewalk. These improvements were necessary to support the development of 265 residential lots and served as the final touches to the subdivision’s overall growth. The project’s development, led by GLH, resulted in the construction of approximately 1,500 total single-family lots. Additionally, the project entailed the widening of Weld County Roads 21 and 72 and the relocation of a 4-inch gas main.

The 174-lot subdivision that began development in August 2023 required efficient project management and execution to meet the tight schedule requirements. Pavement completion was achieved by early December 2023, indicating the need for prompt and coordinated construction efforts. GLH managed a workforce of 30-70 employees on site for most of the project duration, working alongside structure and asphalt paving subcontractors. The scope of work for the project was extensive and included various construction phases such as earthwork, laying down water lines, non-potable water lines, sanitary sewer systems, storm sewer systems, and dry utility conduits. Additional work included asphalt street construction, curb, gutter & sidewalk, street signage and pavement markings, final grading, and the construction of a forced sewer main and a lift station, as well as the abandonment of an existing lift station. 


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